Dana Haines holds thousands of lifetimes of mystical magic in her soul. She came forth in this lifetime to awaken as many as she can to their own truth and higher self. She is here to help you tap into the Divine and know that you have armies on your side behind the veil.

She is a trained Shamanic Practioner graduated from the Shamanic Healing Institute under Paul Sivert who transmitted many Karpays to her from the Andean cosmology. (Transmissions of power for various modalities). She has many gifts from the many years of studying and practice; among these are soul retrievals, traditional Andean Despacho offerings, drum healings and many ceremonial practices.

These are the Rites she has received as a Shamanic Practioner:

Munay Ki

Anyni Karpay

Qawaq (Seer's)

Hatun Karpay

Munay Karpay

She has received the 9 Rites of initiation of power and wisdom through the Shamanic Healing Institute

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She is a 4th level Paqo studying the spiritual teachings long held secret by the Inka people who shared these with the Q’ero nation high in the Andean mountains. She has been working with master teacher Elizabeth B. Jenkins and Joan Parisi Wilcox intensely studying re-connecting with nature and all of its wisdom healings.

She has received many Karpays from the Ancient School of Pachamama Teachers who all hail from the Q’ero nation.

This is a 40 week training requiring hundreds of hours of dedication. She is able to do Animo Waqhiy healings on people. (This brings back a piece of you lost during a traumatic event)

She is also trained in creating your own medicine bundle (Misha), How to make HAMPI (healing) Haywarikwee offerings, how to use Khuyas (power stones), and how to read Mama Coca leaves. (Divination with leaves)

She has trained directly with:

Masters of the Q’ero Knowledge, who include: Don Martin Q’espi Machaca, Don Humberto Sonqo, Don Lorenzo Ccapa,  Don Francisco Apaza Flores, Don Juan Apaza Flores, Don Ricardo Apaza Flores.

Ñust’a Paqo team including: Doña Augustina, Doña Monica Q’espi, Doña Zenobia, Doña Rosita, Doña Marcosa & Doña Juliana Apaza Flores.

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She is certified in breathwork which releases stuck energy and trauma from the body.

She is a trained medium who has worked with many tutors in the Spiritualist community by taking courses, workshops and certifications. These include: Janet Nohavec, Martin Twycross, Tony Stockwell, Simon James, and Brian Robertson to name a few.

She is an advanced Angel Tarot reader certified by Radleigh Valentine. She has trained in many modalities on being an Intuitive Reader including Akashic Records and Crystals.

She is a trained sound bowl healer by Anthony Profeta and David Gibson.

She has completed Spirit Junkie Masterclass 1 and 2 and did an in-person immersion with Gabby Bernstein. She is certified through Gabby to teach the "May Cause Miracles" 40-Day course.

She is a certified Q.H.H.T. (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician).

She is a certified and verified teacher of intenSati. This is a mindful and very powerful practice of incantations and movement. This modality has the power to transform your body, mind and spirit.

She has completed the V’Inka healing class. This is a powerful combination of Viking and Inka healing using the Yggdrasil which is the sacred tree of the nine worlds.

Her mission is for you to find your own power and know that you are a spark of the Divine at all times

She is a mixture of Oracle Seer, Wisdom Seeker, and the person you call on to pour your heart to. She always comes out on top and wants to share with you how easily you can do it, too.

She knows how to work with the Universe and all of its abundance. She knows how to call on various Saints and Ascended Masters for guidance on your behalf. Her purpose is to raise your vibration, help you live a joyful life, and keep you on your life’s path.

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