Five unforgettable days and 4 starry nights nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains

This is the retreat for you if:

*You are wanting to discover and bring your gifts forward

*You are seeking the support and soul connection of a trustworthy community

*You are ready to feel excited and inspired again to step into the next level version of you

2022 Soul Retreat California awaits you!

The Ultimate Self-Care Immersion

Are you ready to feel better?

Would you love to connect to a new tribe of high-vibe souls?

Soul Retreat is the best gift that you can give to yourself, family and friends. You will come back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, up-leveled, and healed. Re-ignite the joyful flame that your soul has been searching for.

When you get away on a Soul Retreat, you are able to turn off the noise of the outside world to find the true self which is waiting to shine brightly. You leave the stress behind you so you are able to focus on healing and quantum shifts in your energetic field.

You will learn tools, techniques and practices to take home with you to keep your vibration in alignment with a higher power.

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Turn on your Magic in a Sacred Space

*Reset your chakras and energy field

*Connect to the healing energies nestled deep within the Sierra Nevada Foothills

*Located at the Wonder Valley Ranch in Sanger, California (Fly into Fresno and it is 30 minutes away!)

*Learn how to think unlimited and manifest abundance and prosperity for yourself and your family

*Find your purpose by getting into alignment with source / spark joy in your life

*Heal your body, mind and spirit

*New tools to add to your spiritual toolbox

*A new network of like minded women to connect with

*Meet your spirit guides / work with your higher self


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Experiences vary year to year, with electives changing every year. Listed below are classes from years past...

*Morning Yoga

*Morning Guided Walks

*Cacao Ceremony

*Crystal Bowl and Gong Soundbaths

*Offerings to Nature Beings

*Manifestation Workshops

*Shamanic Journeys

*Energy Secrets

*Goddess Fire Circle / Fear Burning

*intenSati workouts

*Past Life Regression

*Art Offerings


*Peruvian Traditional Ceremonies

*Wellness in Eating Classes

*Despacho Fire Ceremonies

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  • Wonder Valley Ranch Retreat 2022

    All Inclusive resort with a variety of activities

  • Your choice of a wide variety of comfortable accomodations

  • Nestled at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains

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  • Kayaking retreat 2022

    Kayaking on the lake

  • Archery on retreat

    Optional Archery

  • Horseback rides on retreat in California 2022

    Optional horseback riding (add'l fee)

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  • Luxury rooms available on retreat

    No more having to share a bed like past retreats!

    This beautiful resort has every room option under the sun. You can get your OWN room, share with 1 friend...or even meet a new tribe of women in a shared dorm room if you want

  • Pools at yoga retreat 2022

    2 pools, a hot tub, and more!

  • All meals lovingly prepared onsite by a chef

    Gluten-free and vegan options

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Womens' Wellness Retreats

More Details

We find that working together in a bigger group AMPLIFIES your results. The smaller the group, the smaller the quantum energy field.

We jam-pack the schedule on retreat with loads of activities. All are optional as you can experience the retreat at whatever pace you choose. Each retreat is unique.

Cali baby!!!

California has the perfect climate for us to work outdoors with Pachamama and all her nature beings. The weather will be warm and gorgeous.

The ranch is located at 600' elevation with amazing amenities.

The drive in is super beautiful as you descend into the Sierra foothills which are minutes below Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks. You will be able to tell the second you get into this amazing healing vortex.

It is a truly magical space and we are lucky to be able to rent the ENTIRE PLACE to ourselves.

You will love a morning stroll by the horse corral or even a dip in the pool before classes begin each day. If you love to kayak, feel free to take one out on the lake in between classes.

I'm ready to align with a higher power

I am ready to connect to my new community with an amazing retreat experience!

Come with us and enjoy the sacred mountains in a high-vibe energy vortex in California.

This is the gift you give to yourself that will pay you back tenfold to everyone you come in contact with when you get back!

Past retreat participants have felt like they were walking on air upon returning home. The effects can linger for a long time.

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