Connect with a crossed over loved one, get insight into your burning life questions, or clear your aura from negative energy with Shamanic Practioner & Medium Dana Haines

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Dana's retreats are one-of-a kind and sell out every single year.

You won't find these activities all in one place anywhere else.

Participants leave feeling refreshed, healthy and inspired to see a bigger picture when they emerge back into everyday life.

This is the tribe YOU have been waiting to connect with.

Your experience is waiting for you to say yes to it.

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Move from Worrier to Warrior

You can't wait for others to "fix you." You have to learn how to unleash the healing yourself. Dana Barish uses many tools and modalities to shift your state of awareness into higher frequencies.

When you are able to shift your vibration, you can get out of any stuck lower state you want.

Dana has had many crash courses in trauma firsthand. She survived an abusive childhood and recently lost her 20-year-old son. She was able to rely on her spiritual gifts and abilities to recondition her body and mind to a state of love.

This has only strengthened her commitment to helping others to discover their own hidden potential.

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She swears by retreats because they allow you to disconnect from the outside world. This way you can discover the inner world of divine source energy which is always nourishing you.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the world for 5 days is a gift you can give yourself and most definitely to your loved ones. You will return back to your life with a new set of eyes, mind and open heart!

Dana has been trained in many techniques to unleash your true potential in a nurturing space. Whether you are looking to connect to a loved one who has crossed over, or you want to experience a true Shamanic Journey, Dana has you covered.

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