Dana will be taking you through daily inner-work using fun modalities like sound baths, sacred play, and opening your third-eye to see beyond what the regular eyes are seeing.


    You will experience frequency healing using crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls and her sacred medicinal drum. Get your chakras re-aligned in a safe and supportive environment with a trusted practioner.


    Opening your awareness, self-love and spiritual growth happens easier on a retreat. You can focus on what YOU need to in order to change your life forever. Many of our retreats result in life-long new friendships.

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How is the New York Soul Retreat Experience different from California and Sedona?

Soul Retreat is a magical experience full of Body-Mind-Soul activities. You will be Inspired and re-energized at every location. Each one is unique and special in their own way.

"I heard about how life changing Dana's retreats were and was curious. Never could I have imagined what a powerful experience it was. We all met people who touched our souls and we all did things that could only be done at a retreat like this. We made magic together. Thank you Dana for creating the space of healing and showing me what I'm capable of. I can't wait until the next one."

This is not your average trip. This is a soul journey. A way to find YOU again. To re-discover your gifts, strengths and re-aligning yourself with a higher power.

The Omega Institute is a healing place filled with wonderful activities.

You will love the comfortable rooms, delicious food and an amazing host, Dana Haines, ready to welcome you and support you.

This will be a time set aside for you to focus on healing and quantum shifts in your energetic field. You will learn tools, techniques and practices to take home to keep your vibration in alignment with pure positive energy.

Soul Retreat is the best self-care gift that you can give to yourself, family and friends.

Once you say yes, the magic begins. Scroll down for lots more amazing details....

Text Dana Haines any retreat questions to 443-454-7050

New York Soul Retreat

Your program will be carefully designed around some of the other offerings you receive while at the Omega institute.

You will have time for a spa service or morning yoga.

Then we will be gathering each day for a variety of activities like:

Sound Baths


Past Life Regression

Shamanic Journeys

Meditation and Chanting

and so much more!

This retreat will hold between 50-70 women. Think of all the new high-vibe friends you will meet.

  • You can arrive at the Omega Campus on Sunday 6/9 and check in with them anytime between 2-5pm.
  • Dinner will be served that night at 6pm.
  • We will start the first night from 7-9pm.
  • We end on 6/13 and once you check out of your room that day you have FULL ACCESS to the Omega Campus until 5pm. So plan your departure accordingly and take advantage of the amenities!

Meet Your Host

Dana Haines will be leading you through the magic as she calls forth her skills, and her various healing modalities.

She is highly trained in the Peruvian Andes' mystical practices, is a Shamanic Practitioner and cannot wait to share her gifts with you at ancient ceremonies, offerings to nature, Shamanic journeys and MORE.

Watch the veil between the worlds thin before your very eyes each day as you awaken to the mystical.

Past participants say they come home after a Soul Retreat in a higher state of well-being, love and connections.

Text Dana Haines any retreat questions to 443-454-7050

I need a space! Then I contact Omega!

When you invest in yourself, you invest in your entire body-mind-soul! Our daily schedule is designed to clear stuck energy, ignite your inner fire and expand your consciousness!

  • Omega's campus will blow you away! The rooms are comfortable and the meals are farm-to-table delicious.

  • Gorgeous spaces and is located on more than 250 acres in New York's Hudson Valley

  • You will have access to all their amenities during your stay. You can even stay until 5pm after you check out of your room to explore more.

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Book your Room at Omega Separately!

You will call Omega directly once you secure your spot with your tuition payment. Please DO NOT delay as they sell out every year and have limited rooms.

View their accomodations
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A Personal Invitation from Dana Haines to an Amazing Retreat Experience!

The New York Retreat Experience will be different in that you will reserve your spot with your tuition payment to me.

Then you IMMEDIATELY need to reserve your room, camping spot, or commuter rate with the Omega Institute directly. They have a lot of options for you but they will SELL OUT quickly.

Due to the limited space available we will not be able to do ANY REFUNDS for ANY REASON. Once you book your spot, it is yours. You may sell it to someone else as it is transferable for the current year on the same exact retreat.

So please purchase
travel insurance which covers for sickness, injury, or passing of a family
member/traveling companion at www.travelguard.com You
can get a very reasonable policy on the spot for peace of mind.

Please make sure you are booked with the Omega Institute for your room which does come with all meals and activities there.


Love and Magic, Dana

Text me any questions 443-454-7050

Reserve your space

Each year Dana Haines' retreats get better! Retreat participants report leaving feeling better, with more energy and more connected!