7 Full Moon Magic Tips

7 Full Moon Magic Tips

Mama Killa, or "Mother Moon" is a beautiful protector you can call on to make magic with. Here are seven quick tips for you to get the most out of the next full moon.

1) If you have crystals, put them out in the moonlight to recharge them. They pick up unwanted energy and they hold it for you. Release all that stuck energy so you get the best use out of your crystals. I like to even do it a day before and a day after the full moon as it is still very powerful. If it rains, even better, as they get a natural bath in the most pure water from the cosmos. (Remember to keep your selenite in the house as it can't get wet and does not need to ever be re-charged)

2) Put any crystal or stone jewelry you have out as well. Regular stones actually also have healing capabilities. I have beautiful stones I have picked up from various places which we call khullyas and these love a moon bath!

3) Put out any card decks you have as well. (Make sure it’s not going to rain where you live) The cards need to be cleared and this gives them an extra boost.

4) Put any other tools you have out there you use. I have put out my Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and chimes out as long as the weather is holding up.

5) 🌚 I always use the moon to manifest. (This goes against what you may read/hear as traditionally the New Moon is for this. However, give this a try and see if it works for you)
First you want to release the junk which is holding you down. Make a long list of all your blockages. Then light it all on fire tonight and watch it burn. Picture that new space to be filled with only what you DO want. (Health, love, money and etc) Fire is very transformational!
6) 🛀🏼 A salt bath is amazing tonight to release the toxins. I love to add to the water whatever you want to manifest:
dried rose petals for love, 
green apples cut up for money, 
golden delicious apples are great for health. (In the water but to eat as well..haha)
I also will light candles or incense according to what I want to achieve. 

7) YOU need to sit out in the moonlight. It’s YOUR reset. Talk to it. Only talk about what you want. Then close your eyes and picture the moonlight resetting you. Do this for at least 5 minutes.🧘🏻‍♀️
Have a journal handy as Mama Killa may talk back to you and give you valuable insight if you ask!

Message of the day...HAVE FUN. This is your secret weapon...to always have JOY in your back pocket, no matter what.🌈🌈🌈
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