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Soul Retreat

Are you ready to get unstuck and create massive shifts in all aspects of your life?

Are you wanting to discover your true self and find new amazing friends along the way?

Soul Retreat California is your ticket to releasing the old stagnant energy, and clearing the path for a bigger future. This unique 5-day getaway is carefully crafted by Dana Barish Haines to restore your inner child, and connect you to your true divinity.

The doors have finally opened for you to reserve your exclusive experience for 2023. You will feel like you stepped beyond time and landed somewhere mystical in our healing vortex ranch space. We have reserved the entire place JUST FOR US so you can treat yourself to the time you need to get some amazing self-care.

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Free Medium Readings for Mom's Who Lost Their Sons

After the loss of my son, Tameron, I joined a community of moms who were grieving without their sons. I realized a lot of them even after years of grieving, were not functioning / living their lives. I created a Facebook group for moms who lost their sons to get their power and joy back in their life. If this sounds like you, please join my Facebook group.

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Magic School Of High Vibrations

A journey to reawaken your gifts!

Learn how to tap into the inner realms of wisdom with Dana Barish

Every Tuesday from 7-9pmest to end your year strong!


All classes are recorded and you are able to download and save them forever as tools

Coming Soon

Angel Card / Medium Readings

Have a burning question you need answered? Trying to connect with a loved one on the other side? Let Dana help you connect with your guides and find the answers you are looking for!

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