Are you a traveler or a tourist?

Are you a traveler or a tourist?

I am always a deep thinker, as the brain comes up with 60,000+ thoughts a day as it is. However, with the passing of my son Tameron this summer, I have been doing EXTRA thinking. If this has taught me anything, it has taught me to make the most out of life and to live each day to the fullest. Which has me thinking about traveling.

Every time you go somewhere new, you interrupt old thought patterns and can break away from old programming. Most of us enjoy the familiar and all of the comforts that surround it. However, this also creates us being stuck. The only way to create big changes, is to step outside of your comfort zone.

When you do travel, you can choose to be a traveler or to be a tourist.

A traveler is excited by all the new scenery, the new connections and all the offerings. They know it is a journey of exploration, self-discovery, and even healing. Travelers live in the moment, collecting experiences rather than trinkets and selfies.

Tourists, on the other hand, are all about the agenda and cramming in as much as possible. They make sure they get that selfie at the museum, get on the train rides and collect souvenirs from all the gift shops.

On a tour, a tourist will stop to scoop up all the snow globes on a free time break at the gift shop, while a traveler might stop and get to know the local who owns the gift shop. They connect soul-to-soul instead of on the material level.

Such is the same as when we go on a retreat. Retreats force you to be a traveler because they offer much of the unknown. They gift you with the experience of freeing yourself from electronics, responsibility and driving on the highway. They allow you to go deeper than you could ever go on your own.

The retreats I have hosted have all allowed participants the freedom of being able to tune out the noise of the outside world, and just enjoy the natural surroundings. This allows Pachamama (Mother Nature) to be felt on a deeper level. She is always here to support us, guide us, and nurture us. It is what we do with her on retreats, that allow for a richer connection to her.

Speaking of connections, one of the biggest feedback points I get from past participants is how much they enjoyed meeting new people. And not just ANY new people. These are people with a high-vibe who expect big things out of life. They are not your average humans. :) These are souls on an elevated journey who are answering the call.

When you go on a retreat, you get to learn new tools to get your vibration higher, how to cope with anxiety, and how to infuse playtime back into your routine when you get back home. You realize you DO HAVE GIFTS. You ARE special. You DO MATTER. And the most important that you are NEVER ALONE. You have a tribe ready to support you at any time.

I hope you get to gift yourself a Soul Retreat with us in 2022. Our West Coast location is sure to wow you with the extra amenities, relaxing scenery, and delicious food. More details will be forthcoming in an email. It also makes a great gift for someone you love.

(This retreat will be for those who identify as a female only)

In the meantime, enjoy a few photos from our past SOLD-OUT 2021 retreat in Idaho.

I am wishing you and your family peace, love and joy always.

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